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The Lucky Flame

Unconditional Coconut Soy Candle

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Wrap yourself in the embrace of ‘Unconditional’, a clean, luxurious scent brought to you by The Lucky Flame Candle Company. As part of our Mother’s Day Collection, ‘Unconditional’ celebrates the pure, boundless love that defines motherhood. This candle blends the creamy sweetness of coconut, the rich warmth of cocoa butter, and the delicate allure of jasmine, creating a comforting ambiance that whispers of motherly love and tenderness.

As advocates for Down syndrome, choosing ‘Unconditional’ is not only a nod to personal taste but a stand for inclusivity and awareness. This Mother’s Day, let ‘Unconditional’ serve as a heartfelt reminder of the nurturing sayings passed from mothers to their children, embodying the essence of unconditional love in every flickering flame.

Gift ‘Unconditional’ to celebrate the mothers and mother figures who have shaped us, or invite this scent into your home as a symbol of self-love and remembrance of the unwavering support that guides us through life.

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