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  • Smoked_Side_Car_Lemon_Lime_and_Cedarwood_Scented_Candle
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The Lucky Flame

Smoked Side Car Cocktail Inspired Candle

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Step into a world of bold, trustworthy luxury with the Smoked Side Car candle where sustainability meets sophistication.

Our 8.5 oz Smoked Side Car candle entices with its refreshing blend of zesty lemon and lime notes, harmoniously balanced with the earthy undertones of cedar wood. This unique fragrance profile, inspired by the iconic cocktail, fills your space with an invigorating yet comforting aura that speaks of refined luxury.

Fashioned from premium coconut soy, our candles are free from chemicals, making them a perfect choice for the health-conscious or those with sensitivities. The clean burn offered by these natural materials aligns with the values of eco-conscious consumers, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

The Smoked Side Car candle comes housed in a classy glass container topped with a bamboo lid, adding a touch of sustainable elegance to your decor. Its sophisticated aesthetic and cocktail-inspired theme make it an excellent gift choice for fragrance lovers, cocktail enthusiasts, or anyone seeking 'lucky moments in life'.


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