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The Lucky Flame

Espresso Yourself Coconut Soy Candle

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Coffee is a pick-me-up. It's energizing, and invigorating, and helps you get stuff done. But let's face it: sometimes your morning coffee doesn't taste quite right. It might be too bitter or too weak or just not quite the way you want it to be.

Well, this candle takes all of those problems away! With the rich, bold scent, we've captured the essence of that perfect cup of java: rich top notes of freshly ground beans brewed into middle notes of caramel and sugar, with creamy base notes of milk and vanilla. Whether used on its own or as a luxurious addition to your custom blend, this fragrance will capture your imagination like no other.

This candle has a bamboo lid and is made with virgin coconut soy wax for an eco-friendly burn time up to 72-102 hours!

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