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The Lucky Flame

Mother’s Day Explore Set

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Celebrate the unparalleled bond of motherhood with The Lucky Flame Candle Company’s Mother’s Day Gift Collection. This lovingly curated selection embodies the essence of maternal love and appreciation, featuring 5 (2 oz) sample sizes of our exclusive Mother’s Day scents. Each scent is a testament to the unique and profound connection between mothers and their children, crafted with care and thoughtfulness.

Collection Highlights:

1. Heaven Scent - A celestial blend of grapefruit, citrus, and fruit, evoking the joy and purity of a mother’s love.

2. Unconditional - Warm cocoa butter, exotic jasmine, and creamy coconut merge to symbolize the unwavering support and love of a mother.

3. You’re Enough - Notes of sweet bay leaf, rich tobacco, and cedar wood provide a comforting reassurance of a mother’s affirming words.

4. You’re Beautiful - An elegant fusion of black amber plum, Brazilian orchids, and vanilla woods, reflecting a mother’s admiration and pride.

5. Be Still - A serene combination of cedar wood, patchouli, and cypress, mirroring the calm and peace a mother brings.

Perfect for those who wish to explore before committing to a larger size or for anyone seeking a meaningful, heartfelt gift. Hand-poured with our signature coconut soy wax, each candle ensures a clean, long-lasting burn, aligning with values of self-care, luxury, and sustainability.

This Mother’s Day, let The Lucky Flame Candle Company help you express gratitude and love with a collection designed for the socially conscious.

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