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The Lucky Flame

Heaven Scent Coconut Soy Candle

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Dive into the blissful embrace of ‘Heaven Scent’, a divine addition to The Lucky Flame Candle Company’s Mother’s Day Collection. Inspired by the loving sayings whispered by mothers to their children, this candle is a vibrant ode to those moments filled with sweetness and light. Infused with the uplifting zing of grapefruit, the refreshing splash of citrus, and a bouquet of fruity notes, ‘Heaven Scent’ captures the joy and purity of maternal love in every flicker.

Crafted with care from our finest coconut soy wax, each candle in the ‘Heaven Scent’ series promises a clean, long-lasting burn, embodying our commitment to luxury, self-care, and environmental sustainability. This candle is not just a fragrance; it’s an experience!

As advocates for Down syndrome, choosing ‘Heaven Scent’ from our sweet scents collection is a beautiful way to light up your home while shining a light on inclusivity and love. This Mother’s Day, let ‘Heaven Scent’ be a fragrant reminder of the unconditional love and precious sayings passed down from generation to generation, capturing the essence of heaven in every mother’s care.

Gift ‘Heaven Scent’ to honor the incredible women in your life or invite this heavenly fragrance into your space as a testament to the sweet, enduring bond shared with those who mean the most.

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