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The Lucky Flame

Clean Girl Era Wax Melt

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Take a comforting trip down memory lane with our Clean Girl Era Wax Melts from The Lucky Flame Candle Company. Infused with the nostalgic scent of crisp, clean linen, these wax melts will whisk you back to simpler times.

Expertly crafted from premium virgin coconut soy wax, each melt releases a harmonious blend of Anise, Powder, and Sandalwood. The Anise note provides a unique sparkle, while the Powder note imparts a clean, fresh vibe. As the wax melts, it unveils a base of Sandalwood, adding a warm, woody depth that feels cozy and familiar.

Highly scented and long-lasting, our Clean Girl Era Wax Melts ensure your space is filled with this captivating fragrance for hours on end. No wick or flame needed - simply place them in your wax burner, sit back, and let the enchanting scent fill the air.

Weighing at a generous 2.5 oz, these wax melts promise many evenings of aromatic delight. So why wait? Bring home our Clean Girl Era Wax Melts today, and let their nostalgic scent transport you back to cherished moments.

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