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The Lucky Flame

Midnight Drive Coconut Soy Candle

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Embrace the allure of the night with "Midnight Drive," an enchanting addition to our masculine collection, now blooming within our Spring Collection. This candle, hand-poured with the purest coconut soy wax, captures the spirit of untold adventures and whispered stories, weaving the crisp zest of lemon, the delicate charm of jasmine, and the deep resonance of musk into a fragrance that transports you to those timeless moments beneath the stars.

"Midnight Drive" is an ode to those who navigate by the moonlight, embodying the spontaneous jaunts where laughter fills the air, and connections deepen. It’s for the reflective soul who cherishes the serene beauty of night drives, where thoughts roam free and the heart finds its rhythm in the quiet of the night.

Our candles are designed for the environmentally conscious, the lovers of luxury, and the champions of sustainability. They promise a clean, enduring flame, casting a gentle glow on those precious, fleeting moments of introspection and companionship.

"Midnight Drive" is not just a scent; it’s a memory, a piece of nostalgia you can revisit with each light. It’s a testament to our commitment to premium quality, a clean environment, and the acknowledgment of every individual’s intrinsic value. Let this candle be your companion on the journey to reliving those unforgettable, moonlit escapades.

It's 8.5 oz.—a nice size for your home or office—and burns for about 72 hours. It'll fill your space with this amazing smell for days on end!

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